Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Few Thoughts on Fifty and His Shades...


I'm currently on book two in the Fifty Shades of Grey series and I have a few thoughts about it.  I'm curious if my opinions will change upon completing the series.  The first thing I need to address is: really everyone, what is all the hype about?  I wonder if this book had been published without an amazing press kit budget, would it be as popular as it is?  People are absolutely raving about these books, saying they are better than Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and I just can't agree with that. 

You may be like my husband and ask yourself, "so why read the books, if you don't like them?"  And to sum up: I do like reading them, I just don't think they are groundbreaking.  The language is awful.  Its a combination of "big" words mixed with childish phrases like "holy cow".  I can't buy that someone willing to do...the things they do says "holy cow" so much.  And every time Ana says "my inner goddess" I want to scream at how stupid it sounds.  But, I do like the plot and the mystery around Christian and I find myself wanting to read.  Maybe I'm being hard on this book because I'm mad at myself for succumbing to the pressure and actually wanting to read it. 

I think it would be better if the language had been improved, the sex scenes were more spread out and if Christian wasn't such a controlling abusive ass.  I know, he was abused, ok, I get it.  And I get that he's beyond sexy and not a bad person.  But some of the things he puts Ana through seem so terrible to me and I get mad at her for dealing with it (and liking it).  It makes me wonder, if he wasn't so rich, would she put up with it?  She plays it off like she doesn't care about the money, but it seems like a controlling boyfriend may be easier to deal with in a brand new Audi. 

And about the sex scenes: There's too many.  Ok, we get it, we know what happens. Some is fine, great.  But really, reading the details four times in one chapter is a bit too much and I skip over them.  Not because I'm prude or offended.  Just bored of hearing about it.  Sorry Fifty and Ana, I'm sick of your randiness. 

It strikes me as odd though, of all the books I read (and I'm a big reader) I find myself wanting to sit down and read this book, which is so perplexing.  Why on earth do I want to read something that drives me crazy?  I guess I've found my Fifty Shades.

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