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Percy Jackson Themed Party/Library Program

 The Lightning Thief

 I recently read The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So much that I have put together this Percy Jackson inspired party, which would also be great for a classroom or a library.

Percy's birthday is August 18th, so if hosting a party in his honor, that would be the best day.  Have the kids read the book first, so they can talk about it around the campfire (either real or a paper mache one).  The theme is Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood.  Invite attendees into a world of Greek mythology and educational fun with Percy and members of the camp.  Encourage attendees to dress up as their favorite Greek god or Percy Jackson character. 

Set up a food table filled with Percy Jackson inspired goodies such as:
-cans of diet coke
-blue jelly beans
-blue cupcakes
-grape juice
-blue Hawaiian punch 
-a BBQ cookout

Use these free printables to decorate.  Set up stations featuring different gods and activities featured at Camp Half-Blood.  

Some ideas for stations & activities
At each station, put a "Meet the God" sign with details of what they are known for, and a photo of them. When guests arrive, give them a bracelet and at each station provide them with a bead to add it upon completing the activity.

- Ocean bottles with Poseidon, God of the Sea -

Poseidon is, of course, Percy's father, so this station would be to create ocean bottles with him like this one from the Austin Children's Museum. 


- Enjoy dirt cake with Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture -

Dirt Cake Recipe source: Taste of Home

- Sword and shield making with Ares, God of War -


Let the children create their own shield, with representations of which house they are in. Don't forget the sword!

*ask your local pizza shop to donate the circle cardboard

- Trivia with Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, War, and Useful Arts -

1. Who is Percy’s father? Poseidon
2. What does Grover frequently eat? Diet Coke cans
3. Where do Percy and his mother go for vacation? The beach
4. What learning disorders did Percy suffer from? ADHD and dyslexia
5. Who is the Greek god of war? Ares
6. Who is Annabeth’s mother?  Athena
7. Before going to Camp Half-Blood, what school did Percy attend? Yancy Academy 
8. How old is Percy in The Lightning Theif? 12
9. What is Mr. D's real name? Dionysus
10. What cabin was Percy first placed in? 1, Hermes cabin
11. Who does Annabeth have a crush on? Luke 
12. What was Auntie Em's real identity? Medusa
13. What animal/creature is Grover? A goat/satyr

- Campfire and book discussion with Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths and Fire -

1. Why do you think Percy was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, rather than something else?  How does this make him relatable?

2. What clues did you find which led to the eventual discovery that Percy’s father was Poseidon?

3. If you were at Camp Half-Blood, which house do you think you’d be placed in?  Is it your first choice?

4. Grover is seen as an outcast with few friends.  Percy is often defending him against his classmates.  We soon find out that Grover is, in actuality, protecting Percy.  Why do you think he posed as “helpless” and let Percy think he needed defending?

5. What parallels does Percy have with other “troubled youth” who struggle to control their emotional impulses? Can you think of other book or movie characters who have similar experiences?

6. The demons usually take form of seemingly harmless entities, such as the old ladies and the teacher.  Why do you think the evil characters took these shapes, instead of something more obviously evil?

7. What is Percy’s first reactions about who he meets at Camp Half-Blood?  Is he surprised at what he learns about his new life?

8. Before reading the book, how familiar were you with Greek Mythology?  Do you feel you have a basic understanding of it after reading The Lightning Thief?

9. What did you think about the The Lotus Casino?  How would you have felt if you had entered the video game haven?

10. There is a recurring theme of children from divorced, or split families.  Do you think this is a reflection of our modern culture?  Why or why not?

11. What was your favorite part of the book?  Do you have a least favorite?

12. Who do you relate to most in the book?  

Other activities 

-Find Zeus' lightning bolt: hide a lightning bolt and/or create a treasure hunt to find it.  The person or "house" who wins gets a prize (such as a Percy Jackson t-shirt, a bead for their bracelet like the half-bloods in the book, etc.)
-Capture the flag 
-After the activities, reward the children with a final bead for their bracelet, just like in the book
-End the program with a viewing of the movie 

Additional resources:
-For details on the Greek Gods, visit Rick Riordan's website for the book 
-Check out this party kit for fun stuff to do with all the books in the series 
-All about Camp Half-Blood 
-Camp Half-Blood Daily Activity Schedule  


  1. Thanks for the ideas! Check out my blog too. :)

  2. Do you mind sharing the download for the printables? When I click it, it just shows the image on a larger scale. No prompt to download is provided.

    1. Hi There! Thanks for bringing it my attention that the link didn't really go anywhere. I have updated it to link to the blog where the printables are. Hope that helps!

  3. Can't wait for my b-day party! Thanks!


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