Monday, July 15, 2013

Budget Friendly Family Fun in Saratoga

(aren't we charming?)

My husband had the day off today (horrayyy!!) so we declared it a family day.  Saratoga has so much to do, even if you are on a tiny budget (like us).  The first place we went was the Peerless Pools in the Saratoga State Park.  This was our first time there and it was so much fun!  They have a large pool, plus a kiddie pool and two water slides, too! 

There was so much space to put down chairs and blankets and food is allowed inside.  If you don't want to bring a picnic and snacks, you can visit the concession area and pick up some curly fries or a hot dog.

*I have to admit, the bathrooms left much to be desired.  But there is a place to change, so that is good.  My husband said the men's room wasn't bad, so maybe it was just the women's room and from being super hot, so a lot of people. 

The best part of going here: it was only $2 per person to get in and kids under 5 are FREE!  There is an $8 parking fee per car to get into the park, but if you have an Empire Passport, you don't pay the parking fee. 

After that we went to the carousel where Atticus rode it three times, and its only $1 per ride, and the parent rides for free.

We ended our fun outing with a walk in downtown Saratoga and a visit with the ducks (a fit was thrown by my little dude when we had to leave the ducks. He's obsessed.) 

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