Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Quick Steps to a Clean Bathroom

We are deep into potty training mode and that means the bathroom my little guy uses is, well, not as spotless as I'd like. With a new baby, and two dogs also thrown in the mix, its tough to keep up! But bathroom clean up doesn't have to take forever.

Step 1: Take a look around. See anything that has made its way into the bathroom that doesn't belong? (examples include but are not limited to: shoes, blocks, Ninja Turtles, crayons). Recruit your little ones to help you and put that stuff away.  If you're short on time and minions, toss it in a basket and put it in the room they belong in. Maybe they will magically get put away?

Step 2: Toilet time. Throw the bowl cleaner in, give it a good scrub down and then clean the outside with either a Lysol wipe or spray.  I like to use something that smells fresh so I really feel like its doing the job. Yes, I know, it's probably working the same as non yummy smelling ones, but its a treat for my nose.  This is also when I wipe down any surfaces, and the sink.

Step 3: Remove all garbage and line the trash can with two or three plastic bags to make it easy to dispose of the full bag and the next is already in place.

Step 4: Forget the broom and grab the vacuum.  I use the hose and brush on all my non-carpeted floors and it makes it quicker and does a much more thorough job.  Use the brush to get the corners and the parts of the toilet where dog hair and dirt tends to congregate too.  

Step 5: If time allows, I use a sponge to mop so I can really scrub, but if you're short on time, do a quick mop, let it dry a minute or two and do it once more.  I use Gain Mr. Clean All Purpose in a big thing of super hot water. It smells amazing and shines when I'm done.

Oh, guess what! You're done!

You may notice I skipped the hamper and shower/tub.  I empty the hamper as it gets full and toss a load of laundry in, and the showers I don't do every time I bathroom clean.  Typically, unless they are super dirty, I do those every 3-4 bathroom cleans.  Or I ask (demand) my husband do them, because I hate that job.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Superheroes Believe in Miracles

Have you checked out Superheroes Believe in Miracles? It's a wonderful charity organization which sends birthday packages to kids with serious and chronic illnesses.  To cover some the shipping costs, they are auctioning off many items, including a Crooked By Design Minion hat I recently donated. To check out the auction be sure to "like" their Facebook page and stay tuned for tonight's auction.  There's a bunch of other great stuff from other Etsy shops as well and it goes to a great cause!

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