Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unexpected Free Time (Is this possible!?)

This morning, as the sun came up, so did I.  This was good and bad.  I'm exhausted beyond belief and I just wanted to sleep in, but no, forget about it, not happening.  The sun is like a newborn baby waking me up all the time.  When its up, I'm up.  This is good though because I'm suddenly aware that I'm in a quiet house, and no one is awake (not even the dog).  I dare say, I can do what I want! It should be noted that when I went to bed my kitchen was a horrendous mess of post dinner dishes, and this morning its spotless.  Thank God for amazing husbands.  So here's a list of 5 things I could do with my morning:

1. NOTHING.  Just sit.  Drink coffee.  Enjoy the birds, chirping away (like an alarm clock).
2. Knit, of course.  What better than a little early morning knitting to get your day started?
3. Shower without having to rush (wouldn't that be something?).
4. Laundry.  Read my book. 
5. Watch something other than Curious George, Toy Story or Elmo.  Do other things exist?

So now, what'll it be?  I think this will be one of those scenarios where you don't know what to watch, so you flip through Netflix (or cable, if you are a lucky duck) and debate the pros and cons of a show/movie until look at that, an hour has gone by and you decided instead to play a board game.  I will likely go over my options until someone distracts me, and decide instead to the following:

1. Get my son up and freshly diapered.  Likely, this will involve a plea from me to him of "Let's use the potty!!"  And him responding in a fit of "NOOOOOOOO" for a few minutes.  This will go on to me ignoring him and putting him on said potty anyway, only to end up a messy, and terrible mistake on my part.  He doesn't want to use the potty. 
2. Prepare breakfast for my baby-dude.  I'd bet my non-rushed shower that he wants waffles and dip (syrup) as he always does.  Lucky for me, I keep a batch in the freezer for just these mornings.  Oh wait, I ran out of them yesterday.  Perhaps I should revise my above list and add "make waffles". 
3. Debate which morning cartoon he'd like to watch.  Will it be Elmo?  George?  I dare say, something new?
4. Rush through my shower and air dry my hair.  Maybe I'll even brush it today, if time permits. 
5. Throw that load of laundry in, get the dog up and fed, and begin our day.

Ahhh the glamorous life of a mother.  At least I get to look at this every day:

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