Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Alternative to the Traditional Baby Bib

My son has never liked wearing bibs, and I've always struggled to keep them on him.  I noticed a trend of baby bandanna bibs and fell in love with the idea!  I had recently purchased a two-pack of regular traditional bandannas for our 7 month old lab to wear, and every time I put one on him, my son would want one too (he alerted me by yelling "bandan!!" so that is what we call them now).  I started putting one on the baby as a bib, but it was a little big, so I created some baby and toddler sized ones, that conveniently fit our 60 pound pup too.  The result was an adorable, functionable fun way to keep food off your little one and make your pup look very cool.

 (It's not easy attempting to photograph a moving toddler!)

To get a Bandan for your toddler, pup, or both, please check out my Etsy Shop, Crooked By Design, where you find a bunch of them.  Feel free to let me know if you want one customized and I can accommodate.  They would make great gifts and they are cheap!  The best part: they are machine washable and tie on, so they fit many sizes and you can machine wash and dry them.

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