Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 Stitches I've Learned This Week

Earlier in the week, a far more experienced knitter than myself called and asked for my help in figuring out a pattern.  I figured I'd take a stab at it so I went over, took a look and declared it too hard for me.  It had instructions for things I'd never heard of (psso, p2sso...) and I was sure I couldn't do it.  But then, I remembered!  The Internet exists! 

I went home and looked up how to do the things I didn't know, and with the help of YouTube, I learned 2 stitches and showed her, and now she's well on her way. 

In case you get stuck on these in the future, I want to share the videos that helped me:

PSSO (Pass Slip Stitch Over)

KYOK all in next stitch (knit, yarn over, knit in next stitch)

Since I've started knitting, I've been nervous about approaching patterns with new terminology.  I like to stick to what I know, since knitting is so time consuming and it can be very frustrating if you mess up.  On the same note, it can be very rewarding to try something new and make a beautiful item you never dreamed you could do.  I remember when I started out and I thought purling and ribbing would be too hard and now, those are every day stitches for me.  Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and ask for help (or look them up) if you are stuck.  Chances are, if you're asking it, someone else has before. 

In an attempt to take my own advice, I'm trying a pattern that seemed challenging to me, but turns out it isn't too bad, if I just pay attention to what its asking me to do.  I'll be sure and post pictures when I'm finished (in about a million years, since its a baby blanket!).

Best of luck on your knitting adventures!

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