Monday, June 24, 2013

Kid's Binocular Craft

My son loves binoculars.  He carries around a huge, heavy set, and finally we decided we needed to make some a little more his size.  I like to use craft supplies we have on hand whenever possible, so here's what we did to make some fun binoculars:

What you'll need:
2 toilet paper rolls
1 sheet of foam paper (we used blue)
Hole punch
A string of yarn

How to make them:

 The first thing we did was create a hand print camo on the foam paper.  This will be the outside of the binoculars.  My guy loves hand printing! 

*we used crayons because we didn't have any markers on hand (har har).  Markers would probably work even better, especially if your little one wants to color theirs, instead of hand printing.

Next, cut the foam paper in half and cut it down on the height to be about the same as the toilet paper roll

 Probably his favorite part, the next step is to glue the foam paper and roll it around the toilet paper roll. 

To be sure it stays put, I stapled the inside, far enough in that his fingers won't reach the staples. 

 Using a hole punch, put one hole on the outside of each roll and tie on a long piece of yarn to make the strap. 

Guess what? You're done!  Let the adventuring begin.



  1. Harris Says,

    Wow!! What a great tutorial to make this kind of fun binocular and hopefully I've made in such binocular and now trying to use it. I hope my kids will like in such binocular craft. Keep up the good work :)


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