Friday, June 21, 2013

My Little Gardener

This spring, Atticus and I had dreams of a big garden.  We started our seeds early, got excited as they grew and then planted them outside in our garden area.  Then, my fear was realized and the weeds took over, much like they did last year, and soon our poor plants were drowning in unwanted neighbors.  My husband urged me to give up on the big garden, and convinced us to dig the little plants up and re-plant them in pots.  We did, and boy am I happy we listened to him (you were right, Hubs. There, I said it). 

Every day, my little man goes out to greet his plants.  He looks at them, feels them, smells them, waters and blows bubbles for them.  I'm thrilled he's having so much fun and is getting excited for the veggies to grow so he can eat them. 

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