Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wine Cork Tree Painting (Thanks, Pinterest!)

It's been super rainy and my guy has been going stir-crazy in the house so we've been doing a little crafting around here.  Together, we looked at some Pinterest boards of toddler crafts and he was super excited.  We decided to go with the cork tree painting

What you need:
Piece of paper (we used a large one)
Paints (we had the small dollar store ones on hand, so we went with those, but I think any would work)
Used wine corks (I save these, for some reason, and they sure came in handy today)
Paint brushes (unless you have paint you can pour onto a paper plate and dip the corks into; we didn't have those so we just painted the cork bottoms)
Paper bag for a tree stump (if you're child is older, they could probably just paint the stump, but we are in the tape/glue stage right now)

He had so much doing this, he actually made two!

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