Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday 2013

Growing up, I was always involved with small businesses as my family owned not one, but two. Because of this, I not only learned the hard work and dedication that goes into owning a business of any size, but I also learned how much it means to the smaller businesses to have your support.  Being a small business owner of my own now, with Crooked By Design I am so grateful for everything you do to keep my passion alive and thriving. 

Be sure to check out the Crooked By Design Facebook Page for today's coupons, but also, check out these amazing small businesses too!  Grab a coffee at your local shop, eat at the non-chain restaurant. Every little bit helps!

-For amazing beach jewelry, my go-to shop is Seaside By Arlene.  She makes all her jewlery from awesome finds off the beaches in Maine.  I love her work, and I know you will too.

-For handmade banners and party supplies, my favorite shop is Signed & Sealed. This super mom creates all her items by hand is takes custom orders too. Our banner was a hit at my guy's birthday party!

-For all natural bee products, handmade in my hometown of York, ME, check out The BeeCH Co. These moms specialize in natural beauty products and I have only heard raving reviews of them.

-For hands down the most incredible balsamic vinegars and olive oils, Saratoga Olive Oil is the place to go.

-For all your Mary Kay needs, hit up my gal Susan at her site

Have a small business or shop of your own? Please comment with a link!!

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  1. I don’t have particular shop that I support, but I salute every small business owners for their continuous success in their fields. The products they are offering are definitely one of a kind and affordable! And what I really like about them is that they know what will satisfy their customers, and build around that for their product lines. Thanks for sharing!

    Roxanne Boyd @ Business Coach San Diego


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