Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kid's Barn Craft

If you have kids, you are no stranger to the "what can I get them for a present?" question.  As you look around at the cemetery of toys forgotten, those ones they had to have, would keep them busy and couldn't resist, you just don't want to add to the chaos.  Well, that is our house.  So at Christmas, when my mom asked what Atticus might enjoy, she suggested this barn craft and it was just the ticket! She picked it up for him (at Tractor Supply of all places), and he loved it.


The kit came with paint, the barn, a fence and these adorable little animals, and was just $14.99!  If you can't find this specific one, AC Moore has many wood crafts with basically the same idea.  It was great, because it kept him busy for a long time, and he had a toy to play with in the end.  

The only thing I didn't like was the lack of brown paint (he asked about this many times "where's the brown for the barn, mom?"), and the colors that were included were sparse, so you may want to pick up some extra at the craft store. 

Ada enjoyed watching the craft, and has since enjoyed the little animals!  There are also a lot of bird house varieties that look fun, so luckily I now have a great idea the next time someone asks what he likes.

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