Sunday, January 5, 2014

7 Day Challenge to Organization-January Edition

I always begin the new year with the goal of getting organized and to spend less time cleaning.  It works for about four minutes, and then comes undone.  This year, I'm doing it! To help, I have come up with a 7 day challenge to do this week, in hopes of tackling some projects that get put on the back burner, and to make my life easier.  Here's what this week's challenge holds:

Day 1 (Monday):
Organize those recipes! I just got a new recipe binder, but I stuffed it with my food covered, ripped pieces of paper and it just doesn't make any sense. I can't find anything and it's just chaos. So day 1's challenge is to clean this up and get it all organized, maybe even add a recipe or two it.

Day 2 (Tuesday):
Tackle a closet.  Any closet. I know you have one in your house too, the one that is overflowing and bursting with who knows what.  Clean it out.  Organize it. Toss stuff.  Donate stuff. Get rid of it, or put it where it needs to go.

Day 3 (Wednesday): Make 5 freezer meals to have ready for another day.  I personally love making freezer meals, and they come in so handy, especially if I can throw them in the crock pot when its time to use them. 

Day 4 (Thursday):
Tackle a pile.  I know you have one.   A laundry pile, a magazine pile, an ironing, pile, toy pile....find it and take care of it!

Day 5 (Friday):
Clean out and organize your towel/linen closet.  If its ripped, either toss it or make it rags.  Old ratty towels, toss them.  Sheets that have been around for a hundred years, toss them.  Fold, organize, make it pretty in there.

Day 6 (Saturday):
Clean out your fridge.  Throw away anything that's gone bad, use up anything you can (make a soup, or have a leftover free-for-all dinner) and clean it top to bottom. 

Day 7 (Sunday):
De-clutter! Go through each room in your house and get rid of at least item you don't want, use or need. 

I'll keep track of my progress and let you know how it goes, and please share your progress too!  Have an idea for the February edition?  Feel free to comment or give a shout.

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