Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Ways I've Saved Money This Week

As you've probably figured out by now, I am always looking for ways to stretch a dollar and get the best bang for my buck.  This week, I've had a few opportunities to save on those purchases I can't avoid.  Here they are:

1. Buy contacts at BJ's-I have two different prescriptions for my contacts, one for each eye, so when I purchase contacts I always have to buy two boxes.  This can get pretty pricey.  On average, a box is $35, plus shipping if you're using 1-800-Contacts.  At BJ's, they are just under $23 a box! 

*if you are a military family, be sure to ask for the military discount when getting or renewing your BJ's membership.  You save $15 off the yearly fee, and get an emailed $10 off purchase coupon

2. Use Monroe for oil changes-I hate getting oil changes.  Mostly when I need a tire rotation and everything too, so when I saw the sign for a $19.99 oil change, which included free tire rotation (even if you didn't purchase your tires there) I jumped on it! 

3. Meal Plan-This was my first week of meal planning and I am loving it.  Prior to grocery shopping for it, I looked for coupons and then hit the store with my list.  This has avoided extra trips to the grocery store, which almost always lead to unnecessary purchases.  (in case you missed it, here's the post for this week's meal plan).

4. Condense your errands into one trip-if you're like us, this can be tough.  I don't like leaving the dogs home alone for too long (for fear of the wreckage I'll return home to) and errand running with a three year old can be very hard, but by getting it all done in one outing, it save numerous trips, subsequently saving a ton on gas.  I found, also, that with our list in hand, we were less likely to make unnecessary stops, which often lead to purchases we didn't plan for or need.

5. Consign unwanted items-I became a consignor at a kids and baby consignment shop this week and I'm so excited! We are saving up for a two seater stroller, and dropped off some items we no longer need and didn't plan on keeping for future babies.  I don't know if we've made anything yet, but this is a great way to either get some cash for your items, or store credit to put toward what you need.  I have an account with an adult clothing consignment store, as well, and I've made a few hundred dollars since starting there.

Have you saved money recently? Please share your tips!

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