Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gluten-Free Pizza for the Whole Family-On a Budget

I love pizza.  I mean LOVE it.  When I went gluten-free in 2007, one of the things I missed the most was nice, greasy pizza house pizza (specifically from the York House of Pizza in York, Maine).  I shed tears over the notion of never having it again.  And for those of you who have tried the frozen gluten-free pizzas, you probably found the same results I did: not worth the money.  One way I make it now, after much trial and error, is using the Gluten-Free Bisquick recipe you can find on the box.  Of course, as I tend to do with everything, I change it up a bit.  The result is a yummy pizza that tastes a lot like normal gluten-filled homemade pies. 
Here's what to do:
Pick up some of this  for about $4.99 at the grocery store.  Pretty steep, but you can use coupons to save a little.  Follow the recipe found on the side of the box for pizza.  This box should make 2 pizzas, which is a lot cheaper than the upwards of $12 you can spend on one small one in the freezer section. 

I use a round pan to make myself feel like I'm eating real pizza.  Be sure to spray the pan.  I will admit, spreading this onto a pan is a bit of a challenge, but worth it.  The trick I use is to continuously wet your fingers with cold water and spread it with them.  Don't worry if there are small holes. 

The last thing I do a little different, is to add a little oil to the top after adding the cheese and toppings.  It gives it that slightly greasier taste I craved from the inability to eat real pizza. 

The results:

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