Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Ways to Keep Your Crafting Space Organized

As a crafter, I am always needing ways to organize my stuff.  I have yarn, tapestry needles, buttons, you name it, everywhere!  Naturally, as a DIY-er, I wanted to come up with storage solutions that were:
1. budget friendly/free
2. recycled materials
3. fun to make and look at

Ever seen those yarn containers at the craft store? I actually own one and love it, but they can run around $17 for one.  I made this one out of a large coffee container.  Be sure to clean it and let it dry all the way.  Remove the outer label and either stencil, paint or cover with a paper/washi tape.  You can have so much fun with these!  Another great container to use is those big oatmeal ones. 

To keep my buttons organized (note: they were
organized at one point until my three year old got
into them) I use a tea box.  I found this one, filled
with tea of course, at Bed Bath & Beyond, but
I imagine you can them pretty anywhere tea is
I also like to use cigar boxes to keep random items in, like pens, sharpies or whatever else I have lying around my workspace.  These are so cheap at any cigar shop.  They usually run $3-$5 a box and if you're lucky you can find some awesome printed ones.

I found myself constantly looking for my handy knitting and crochet notions, so to keep them all together I keep a stash in this small bag.  I made this one, but you can use any cosmetic bag or clutch.  I always have a tape measure, tapestry needles and scissors handy.  My needles and hooks are usually kept together in a case, but my go to ones are kept in here too.  
 After losing more tapestry than I can count, I finally put them in an old prescription bottle.  This one I covered with washi tape, which you can find for pretty cheap at Wal-Mart in the office supply section. 

 I am always looking for more ways to stay organized!  I also keep my yarn in baskets or bins, my fabric in a large wicker chest and on shelves in my workspace.  What ideas do you have? Please share them so we can all stay organized!

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