Saturday, February 17, 2018

Target Home (Budget Friendly) Must Haves

Have you noticed Target has been hitting it out of the park in the home section? It is probably strategic on their part. Lure me in with your adorable Cat & Jack for the baby, the one-stop-shopping convenience of the grocery and beauty section. But then you really hook me when Hearth & Hand shows up.  And Project 62. It's all just so good. Though I have to admit, sometimes I want ALL.OF.THE.THINGS. so badly I sometimes avoid going in at all.

But that doesn't last long.

Recently I have treated the house (ok ok fine. I've treated myself.) to a few things that I just couldn't leave on the Target shelf. Here's a roundup of some of my favorites, and a few that are on my want list.

 This vase 

It's so simple, and yet it pops. There's a cool texture to it and would go great in any room. It's thin enough that it would look awesome on a shelf or kitchen table as well. Oh and the best part-it's $7.99!

 Nesting Houses

I love these nesting houses so much, I have them in both colors. Mostly they're just decorative but they've also stood up to my daughters playing with them. A lot. They provide a simple touch to any room, and I am not entirely sure why they pulled at my heart strings so much, but who am I deny true love?



Wreaths are not just for front doors and the holidays. We put them up around the house and they are perfect for sprucing up any space. Just a warning, they can get pricey. If you're not ready to splurge on one at full price, check the clearance section often. I scored both of these on sale.

Project 62 Lamps

Our house was built in the 1820s which means we have a lot of lamps. Many rooms are exclusively lit by them.  For a long time we would just use whatever hand me down ones we could find but then came Project 62.  We couldn't resist these babies.  I feel like I should make a joke about them lighting up my heart. No? Ok fine. The table holding the coffee set is also from that line.


This Coffee Set

Seriously, how cute is this? Whether you use it daily like or I do or have a hutch to display it on, you won't regret this one. The mug is nice and big and the pot holds a backup pour for you. It's dishwasher safe as an added bonus.

My Want List

Ok, so now that I've showed you a few things we have and love, here's a few I hope to have soon.  The pitchers are so good. I use them for the very basic purpose of pouring water, but also as vases. I definitely want this wall hanging, such a great decorative piece that doubles at a way to display cards, notes and artwork.  And another collection that has me screaming I NEED THAT is the home office line. There's so many good pieces, you'll want to get organized just to use it.

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