Sunday, July 23, 2017

Nursing Friendly Dresses-They Do Exist!

Any other nursing/pumping moms out there feel like it is very hard to find cute nursing dresses that aren't actually maternity? I wanted easy to use, comfortable dresses I could nurse and pump in and I didn't want to pay a fortune for them. So here are a few that I personally own and have fed a baby in!

This Jersey Swing Dress doesn't look like it would be easy to nurse in but it is stretchy enough that you can easily pull down the neckline. Keeps you discreet and comfortable. This is a shapeless dress which normally I wouldn't like as much but being five months post partum it is perfect for hiding the lingering belly! Style it with sandals in the summer or transfer into fall with a denim jacket and Converse. And the best part? It's under $15 right now! (and definitely have your significant other take an awkward picture of you standing akimbo trying to figure out why your son is shrieking in delight like I did here). 

This dress from Target. Ok, technically it's Juniors, so maybe go up a size (I did and I wish I had gone up one more). But it buttons up and makes it really easy to just unbutton a few and nurse.  The straps are wide enough that you can still wear a bra (for me that is essential because I require nursing pads daily). Throw on some booties and a cardigan and you can easily use this in more than just the summer but it's perfect on it's own too. If you hurry over, it's only $19!

While you're at Target, go ahead and pick up this one too.  If you're following on Instagram, you may have seen this post.  This dress was perfect for going out with the baby because of that gauzy stretchy top that I could just pull down. It looks really cute off the shoulders, but I pulled them up so I could wear a bra. Best part: pockets! I should have gone up a size to accommodate the milk let down (and by that I mean nature's boob job that happens about every two hours!) but you may want to try it on so you know the length will be ok if you do go up a size.  Oh and guess what? It's $30 and comes in two adorable patterns.

Every so often I like to splurge and order a Stitch Fix box. Sometimes they hit it out of the park and sometimes, I'm sorry to say, they don't. But this past box I asked for nursing friendly when possible and they nailed it with this dress. USA made, easy to wear, can be used in all seasons and under $50! Haven't tried Stitch Fix but want to? I say go for it! Sign up and create your style profile and you can even link your Pinterest to give your stylist ideas of what you like and your Instagram so they can get a feel of who you are and cater to your lifestyle even better. It can get expensive but the quality is great and it's a nice treat every so often!  

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