Thursday, February 18, 2016

EBates (sign up right now!)

Over the holidays I kept seeing that very annoying commercial about shopping online and getting cash back for shopping you were already doing and blah blah blah commercial stuff.  But then it stuck in my head that since Amazon and I are in a very committed relationship and I am already shopping...maybe I should check out this EBates deal.

So, I did. I signed up and it really is awesome!  And it's easy, you don't do much different than shop the way you're already shopping.  And I've been waiting to do this post until I actually received money back and guess what? I did!

Here's the deets and what to do (right now, so you don't miss out on the chance to get some money back!).

1. Go to EBates and sign up.

2. Next time you want to shop online, go to the EBates site, log in so you are on your dashboard, and search for the store you're shopping.  So if you're needing something on Amazon (aren't we always?), search Amazon.  They don't always have offers going with every store, but I found so far Amazon is usually on there.  Click the website you're shopping from EBates and it will direct you to your site.

3. Shop as you normally would! EBates will direct you the site you're shopping and let you know how much cash back has been activated.  That's all you do.  You click the website from EBates and shop as normal, and you get money back for doing it. 

4. Every few months you'll get the money pack via PayPal or check.  I did PayPal because its faster.  And I can say, and no, this is not sponsored at all, I did get a payment!  It went right into my PayPal.

5. Tell all your friends! Once you sign up, if you tell your friends and they sign up, you get bonus cash back.  I strongly suggest you do this!  Who doesn't want extra cash back? I know I do. 

You can also get a sign up bonus of $10 (I got this one!).  Sign up and once you spend $25 or more (doesn't have to be in the same transaction, I learned), you get that bonus. 

So far I shopped from Amazon, Mighty Leaf Tea and ThredUp.  ThredUp was like an extra special one to find on there because I love ThredUP so much and it makes it an even better deal to shop there!

Not familiar with ThredUP? Do yourself a favor and check it out, with $10 to spend for FREE! Go go go! (but sign into EBates first so you get the cash back, if they're still offering it).

I want to mention, you don't get huge percentages back. You might ask yourself, if it's only 2% or 3%, is it worth it to start from the EBates dashboard?  My answer: yes, absolutely yes! Even if you only make $3 back in one of the payments, that's a free coffee!  You really don't have to do much extra, besides starting in EBates and if you typically shop from your phone, they have an app too.  Through shopping items I was already ordering, and the sign on bonus, I already made $16 and I have another $22 pending cash out from referrals. 

Here's some that are offering cash back right now (as of 2/18/16):

The Honest Co.-2.5% cash back. If you get a monthly bundle, this is a great place to get cash back.

Amazon-up to 7% cash back right now.

ThredUp-offering 40% off coupon when you sign up, $10 off your first order and also 2.5% cash back. (If you're new to ThredUP, sign up, get your coupon code, and then go to EBates to activate the cash back.)

Whatever you're shopping for, always check EBates for cash back offers first. Groupon is having a $15 bonus cash back offer right now for new customers, and there's just so many opportunities to save a couple bucks.  For me, this is a no brainer. 

Once you sign up, I would love to hear how much you save! Give a shout and tell us about your experience.

*this post is my opinion, and not sponsored.

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