Monday, February 24, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery-DIY & On a Budget


When I found out we were expecting a baby girl, I was thrilled! I am so excited for the baby bows and girl stuff after having such a boyish boy.  Mostly though, I was excited to create her room.  As with everything, I wanted to spend as little amount of money as possible without sacrificing the quality of her room.  Since this is our second, we had the furniture already, so of course that saved a bunch of money, but the rest was put together using DIY methods, repurposing what we already had, and buying minimal amounts of extras to tie it all together.

Hats: $1 each at Target
Wreath: found in a free bin!
"Love Builds a Happy Home" sign: $10 at Kohls (used Kohl's cash, so basically free!)

The PomPom mobile was a DIY project and cost about $1.50 to put together.  Basically, just tie some pompoms onto an embroidery hoop and hang with fishing line.

Bunting was another DIY project, using fabric I had in my stash.  There are some great tutorials on Pinterest for this project. 

The adorable burlap sack bunnies were a wonderful AC Moore find, at $5.99 a piece and they were 40% off, making them an even greater steal.  I found them in the Spring decorating section.

This room is very small, and I feared we wouldn't be able to fit all her furniture.  Aside from utilizing wall space in a small room, putting the dresser ($8 at a yard sale) in the closet was a great way to get storage and save the space in the room.

I have to confess: these bunny bookends were not a bargain find.  However, I had to have them.  Not that I truly broke the bank, they were $40, I searched high and low for animal ones I loved and these were my favorite.  I found them on Amazon and was excited that they are such great quality and are heavy.  Also, they aren't too babyish, so my hope is that she'll have them to grow with.  Basically, what I'm saying, is they were totally worth it and I am in love with them.

I was planning on making her curtains, but decided to see what I had in the house first.  These white ones are very long, too long for any window in my house.  All I did was hang the top of the first panel, bring the bottom up, hang that, and repeat on the second panel.  This gave them the look of being wider and not so long without having to hem.  Tie on some cute little fabric ties and boom! Your window treatment is done.

I wish I had known about teething guards when my son had this crib, because he destroyed the railing this one.  We wanted to paint, originally, but with my husband having just returned from a four month absence for training (National Guard), it was too much of an undertaking.  So, I did what I always do and searched Pinterest for ideas on how to cover the bite marks my son inflicted on the crib.  This fabric teething guard was a DIY project involving a towel on the underside and a piece of cheap fabric ($2/yard), sewn together and tied on the railing.  Perfect for catching drool and preventing more crib eating, and it can just be tossed in the laundry.  There are many ideas and projects on Pinterest that you can check out.

My first and only quilt I've done was made (I admit) with a kit from AC Moore, for about $7.  It came with all the fabric you needed and instructions.  I loved the colors and theme, and though it isn't perfect, I was excited to add it to her room.

These guys are such a treasure, given to the baby at her mini baby shower.  They belonged to my husband's grandma June, who passed away last June.  After months and months of trying and praying for this baby, we found out she was on her way just days after June passed.  Naturally, the baby's middle name is going to be June after her!

This room was, at one point, my son's room (he has since moved into the biggest bedroom in the house since he has such an abundance of toys!).  The photos aren't great, but here's a glance at what it looked like before:

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