Friday, October 25, 2013

Lowe's, You Won My Heart

 Lowe's Home Improvement

I don't have much experience with Lowe's (the Wilton/Saratoga, NY branch). This is normally my husband's field of house hold duties, but since he's in the military and gone for a few months, I am on an active duty of my own.  It hasn't been easy, but thankfully there are friends, family and amazing customer service to help me keep up with my old house and things that need fixing.  I wanted to share my experience with Lowe's, because I will forever go to them for all of my household needs.  Plus, the military discount is nice.

My dryer broke around May or June, so I've been line drying for months. Great, for the Summer, and it sure saves money on that electric bill.  But now that we have come into the cold and rainy months, I needed to address the problem.  I started by putting a couple new parts in. Nothing. So I went to Lowe's and asked for helped.  I explained the problem and that I couldn't spend a ton, just needed something to get my laundry dry.  They were so helpful in getting me set up and put me on the next day's delivery list.  They weren't pushy.  They didn't try to set me up with something I couldn't afford or need.  They just listened to me.

When they came the next day, they had to remove doors to get the dryer in, replace my old plastic vent tube with a new, safe one and got the new dryer in. It didn't work, so they came back with another one and that didn't work either.  Turns out it was a blown fuse all this time!  I would have expected them to stop there and say farewell, since I was returning the new dryer; I didn't actually need it.  But they didn't stop there.  The amazing delivery guys looked around for the source of the problem, and once they figured out it was the fuse, they looked around my basement for a new one, found one, and installed it.  They hooked my old dryer back up and it worked perfect. 

These guys went so above and beyond for me, and I am eternally grateful. I didn't even buy the appliance they were delivering, but they didn't leave until I was all set.  They came back three times to get everything right, and I am beyond thankful. So next time you're in the market for anything appliance or house related, choose Lowe's.  I've had horrible customer service at Home Depot in the past and some of these stores overwhelm me.  But Lowe's was there to help and they won my future  business being so amazing.

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