Sunday, September 30, 2012

Easy DIY Updates on a Budget

Lately, we've been playing musical rooms with our upstairs, attempting to update them one at a time.  The first we started was our smallest bedroom.  At the time we started, it was just an extra room.  I'm very disappointed to say we don't have before pictures to really demonstrate this to you.  I'll try to paint the picture: terrible tan-ish colored carpet and wallpaper from the 1970s featuring birds flying away from what seems to be a hunting scene.  It had to go. 

The first thing we did, long before the re-decorating even began, was rip up the carpet.  I could see from corner that there was some wonderful hard wood hiding underneath, but my husband warned me: don't touch it until we have the time and money to really fix it.  You don't know what's under there, he warned.  Did I listen?  No.  How could I with my mother-in-law standing next to me saying, Do it!  Tear it up! There's hard wood under there! 

I suppose I should take a moment to give a little history of our home.  The house has been in my husband's family since the 1800s when it was built.  Many family members were born here, and some died.  There's a lot of love and history in our house, and its also slightly crooked in many spots from years of adding on throughout the decades.  My husband's grandmother was in an exclusive relationship with wall paper, subsequently leaving the next occupants with layers and layers of it.  Those next occupants: my husband, son and I.  And I couldn't be happier!  I love this house.  It was after all, the spot where I first met my husband with a brief hello.

Ok, getting back to it.  Of course I listened to my mother-in-law and tore up the carpet.  Thankfully, it was very easy, as it hadn't been nailed down too much, and I proved my husband wrong, for perhaps the first and only time, ever.  Underneath was lovely hard wood floors!  I oiled them and it was beautiful. 

Next up was the wallpaper.  We all worked to take down the layers and layers of paper, using the inexpensive method of simply spraying vinegar on the paper and peeling.  You may need to spray on each layer, if you're in an old house like ours and there are multiple.  My husband took over for the next steps.  He sanded, primed and painted (I've been forbidden, since I'm terrible at painting).  To save money and time, we texturized the walls using Spackle instead of trying to even them out.

Now, this is where I come in: the decorating!  Right now, this room is acting as my two year old's room while we re-do and update his older, much bigger one.  The plan is to make his large room into his bedroom/play room, and the smaller room will eventually become a nursery for future babies. 

We went with a Toy Story theme for his room, since he's obsessed with it.  We also had his birthday party in the same theme, so some of the decorations came as gifts at his party.  For about $3 I made his curtain, the letters and numbers where stick on decals I picked up the Christmas Shoppe for $1 a page and the artwork were all gifts from his baby shower.  *we're still in the process of hanging is other pictures.

Ok, the moment you've been waiting for!

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